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I'm Amazed

I had the idea for this site yesterday morning, quickly threw something together before I lost the thought and urgency, and posted to Reddit. Never, in a million years, would I have guessed the response to this idea and this mission.

As I write this, there have been 262 responses that have been added to the database and over 750 visitors to the site. My hopes were.. low.. when I first posted. My thoughts were to throw this out there and see what happened. If I received 20 replies I'd have been happy. In fact, my initial disorderly form required me to parse information manually. You all proved me wrong, and you showed me that this truly is something that the healthcare community wants and needs.

Already I have been on here making changes at least a dozen times thanks to your many suggestions and advice from the community. I beg of you all, let's keep it up. We have a few hundred submissions. What will we be able to do this with database when there are a few thousand? What kind of bargaining power are we looking at when we can clearly point to different facilities making record breaking profits off the backs of our labor without providing adequate support, and then show there's a better way from those facilities that treat us truly as valued team members? When we can point to places that provide support and still make profits?

Thank you all. Let's keep this going.

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