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My goal and mission is a simple one. I want to increase transparency for both patients and healthcare workers in regards to patient to healthcare workers ratios. How many nurses are available per patient in various levels of care? How many patient care techs? How many respiratory therapists? These are the groups providing the hands on, down and dirty care to individuals in need. As much as a great physician can make a difference, if their nurses have 10+ patients and cannot carry out orders and provide quality care, patient outcomes will suffer.

So welcome, thank you for visiting. If you're a visitor, feel free to join the email notifications to be notified when I'm able to update the hospital ratio charts. If you're a healthcare professional, please help out by providing the ratios you're currently dealing with and spread the word. No more hiding this kind of information. It's time for people to be able to adequately judge a hospitals ability to care for their loved ones, and for workers to know which facilities to run far, far away from.

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