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Ratios Matter, Because People Matter
Male Nurse


I've been a nurse for over 12 years now. That time has been spent at major institutions, as well as smaller regional hospitals during my time as a travel nurse. From state to state, from hospital to hospital, there is no transparency for patient ratios in regards to nursing, respiratory therapists, patient care techs, or any of the other myriad ancillary departments. This has far reaching impacts on the quality of care the patients receive. My goal is to end this obfuscation.


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Be Part of Something Great

For this to work I need the assistance of the healthcare community at large. This will be a large project, and we will need everyone willing to report their average daily ratios to help out.

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We Need Community Involvement

If you've already submitted your current working ratios, then help spread the word! Share us to facebook, twitter, reddit, anything! Get the word out!

Making Posters


Financial Support

All profits from items sold through this store will go back into this site. In the form of the monthly costs to keep this rolling, or in professional design support if there's ever a surplus.

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